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Tell about a time you worked in a team and cpuldn't have been successful without your team mates

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I want to ask, how was the video interview? What did they ask you?

In the recorded video interview you needed to answer 4-5 questions. You had 120 secs to answer each of them. After seeing the question you had 60 secs to prepare your answer. Not too hard but a great tip is to be focused with your answers.

Thanks! It’s my first video interview. Do they record you when you prepare your answer?

Similar type probability and market-making questions to other trading firms. Big emphasis on quick mental maths

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Why do you want to become a trader?

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What is the new mechanism supported by recent browsers for fast communication from server to client?

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Imagine there were other classes that do the conversion but for different currencies. What would you do for the program to be able to receive any kind of currency?

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Tell me about yourself

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What makes a good trader? Are you competitive, and if so do you have specific examples?

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Tell me about yourself.

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What do you think about CISCO?

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