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Er werd een Graphic Designer Intern gevraagd...5 augustus 2021

3 strengths and 3 weaknesses

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A defining moment in my life

Aashman Foundation

What are your strengths?

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I told them about my strength which is related to Designing only that is my imagination power is very good and i can see someone's perspective through their eyes. Minder

Sky Deutschland Fernsehen

Which work do you like the most in your portfolio?

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I choose one of my work, and I explain why I like it.


If i know the basics of Photoshop and Ai

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Expectations from the experience

Kompas Gramedia

Please explain your work on the portfolio you sent us.


what do you do when you are not designing


Describe a time where you had to prepare for a big presentation (or something along those lines)


Imagine you are offered a new job tomorrow and asked to perform skills or meet requirements outside of your comfort zone. How would you approach the situation? (taken from another post)


If I had experience with design system

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