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Er werd een Hadoop Developer gevraagd...9 juni 2022

Difference between external and internal hive table partitioning and bucketing SQL questions like how to find duplicate records etc spark performance improvement cluster vs client mode in spark


Spark optimization techniques Hive optimization techniques repartition vs coleasce RDD vs Dataframe File formats Serialization Catalyst optimizer and why Hadoop architecture how do we handle duplicate data and query. Unit testing Job schdeuling

Elevate Credit

Hadoop and its inner workings.


Explain about your last project


Basic to project related questions on cloud on architecture and job and responsibilities

Cognizant Technology Solutions

Hadoop,Hive and ecosystem , about ptojects and ur role related

GSPANN Technologies

Explain partitioning and bucketing in hive?


Describe how you implemented MapReduce jobs Describe what data is generated when you run a MR/Tez job Which file format is best to store files in?

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Best file format (at the time) was ORC as it was compressed and not cleartext/flat file. Parquet is also a good option and is now considered standard (this was before Delta). Minder


Hadoop and spark questions and basic info about IT

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