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Rochdale Boroughwide Housing
Er werd een Head of People and Culture gevraagd...22 juni 2022

What were my motivations (They anted to see that my values aligned to those of RBH)

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I wanted to make a difference (As cheesy as that sounds).


I've put together a few questions that should help you tell your story. Here's an overview of what we'd like to know about you: Introducing Yourself Your Interest in this Role Understanding Your Work Experiences Understanding Your Work Style Availability Total questions: 12 · Estimated time: 25 mins This can be started at your convenience, but the last day to submit your recorded answers is: Monday 8 August 2022, 11:45 PM - Asia/Kuala_Lumpur (GMT+08:00) Here’s what you need to do next: Step 1: Watch this introduction video by our People Team. Step 2: Access the video interview link and practice with the trial run. Step 3: Record your responses in the actual video interview. Do take note that in the actual video interview, there will be time for you to think through your answers, and there will be only 1 take allowed for each question. I'm looking forward to reviewing your video! If we find that there's a good fit for you with StoreHub, we will move your application to the next stage of assessment process

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I did not. This to me is a non complaint to PDPA, when they do not explain how they manage my data. Fyi I asked and got no reply. They probably thought Im just a difficult candidate, but hey you're hiring a Head of People and compliance is key for this role. So clearly their recruiting process and strategies did not align with position expectations. Minder


What would your mother use to describe you? How would you find out if someone was a good (e.g.) UX Designer, Product Manager etc.

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I answered the first question by saying my Mum would say I was messy. I thought this was an attempt by the CEO to establish rapport and something approaching a human connection but it turns out he felt my Mother's insight into my working style would be enormously valuable. Despite the faintly banal line of questioning on skillsets that I've been hiring for for 13 years I explained how I'd approached these sort of things in the past. I received no follow up questions, I am unclear if he has had to hire PMs or UX Designers before or has any idea what they do but he seemed satisfied with my responses. Minder

Touch Surgery

Why did you apply to Touch Surgery and have you tried our free app?

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I had downloaded the app and done loads of research so this helped. I applied because I felt that making surgery safer had purpose and would give me more meaning in my job compared to other start ups or tech giants. Minder


had to analyse data for one of the interview presentations. what assumptions would i make and why

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fortunately i outsourced the work to upwork for $10, otherwise it would take anyone 1-2 days to complete properly. It's the logic that the team wanted to see and decision making process behind the data Minder

UK Atomic Energy Authority

How I have supported ion managing change.

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I tried to answer this question but was cut short by the interviewer due to time constraints. Minder


What have you learned about the company in preparation for your interview today.

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Stuff I had seen on the website, on socials and in the media.

EasyPark Group

Mostly fit and experience related questions.

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Walked through background and experience.


- What is your core area of expertise - What challenges scare you vs motivate you

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Overall well

Tomorrow Health

Only asked 1 question - why did I leave my prior company? This signaled a lot about their recruitment and possibly their culture IE: blame-oriented (attrition focused vs retention focused).

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I was honest and got a really slimy dated TA consultant response in return. No tact. No positive language. No current interviewing techniques used here! Minder

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