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Plus One, an Optum Company
Er werd een Health Promotion Specialist gevraagd...13 augustus 2021

How does your prior experience prepare you for this job?

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Through the interview process, I had to complete and present PPT regarding my experiences and connected them to the duties and responsibilities of position. Minder

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts

Please describe a time you have had to negotiate?

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When working with vendors to negotiate rates

Erie Family Health Centers

So many repetitive questions regarding scenarios and your own experience. And everything is written down .

City of Portland (Maine)

Describe a time you were told that you had poor work performance and how did you improve?


Name a situation where you noticed something a colleague was doing that was inappropriate or unethical (something to that effect) and how did you handle it?

University of South Florida

Please tell us one thing that challenges you in a working environment.

Médecins Sans Frontières

What experience have you had living with other people?

Texas State

How would you handle interpersonal conflict within the peer education group you would be advising?

Alberta Health Services

Describe a time you led a team.

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