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Marriott International
Er werd een Hotel Concierge gevraagd...7 mei 2016

If a guest called the front desk upset and you were swamped checking other guests in, how would you handle it?

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I would apologize for any inconvenience and tell them I would address the problem promptly. Just give me a few moments and I would find the quickest solution possible to assist them in their needs. THEN, I would continue to check people in quickly (but caringly!) and call another department such as housekeeping (depending on the issue, of course) to at least have someone tend to them right away. Once my guests were checked in, I would follow up personally. And write a thank you for being our guest note. Minder

Mayfair Hotel and Spa

where did you hear about us and how do you like the hotel industry

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i saw it on indeed

Irvine Company

I was asked if I felt confident that I could bring my successful sales experience to a completely different product (apartment leasing) that I had been selling for years.

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I expressed that I would provide excellent customer service by assessing the needs of each individual and finding the best property that would meet their needs. I'd be proud to represent a great product ( The Irvive Company) . Minder

Silversea Cruises

Why are you interested in Silversea?

Twin America

What was a customer service problem you had and how did you fix it?

Days Inn

Why do you want to work here?


How would you cope if a colleague didn't show for work?

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