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how to test a toaster?

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I would find a tester and I'd tell him/her to test the toaster by plugging it in. If the toaster doesn't toast the tester, it works; if it toasts the tester, it's broken.

Nikos op


Contined...prior to lowering the bread into the toaster select the lowest heat setting. Once the bread is lowered set a timer to measure length of time before toast cycle completes and toasted bread pops up. Retest on all other heat settings and time each of these.

Jacqui op


He means "if you don't get electrocuted then the toaster works. If you die of electrocution then the toaster is broken" lol

manoj op


Did not understand this part of your answer, could you please eloborate. "If the toaster doesn't toast the tester, it works; if it toasts the tester, it's broken."

Manoj op


Plug the toaster into a PowerPoint. Turn the power point on. Place required number of slices of untoasted bread in the toaster - dependant on slots available. Press the Press the lever down to lower the toast into the toaster.

Jacqui op

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