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Cognizant Technology Solutions
Er werd een Human Resources Business Partner- Senior Manager gevraagd...14 juni 2018

They hardly asked me anything about me. Not skilled interviewers. The worst interview I have ever had in my 20+ years in my career.

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Sorry for the bad experience you had on this particular interview. The feedback is very valuable to us. Hopefully, we can take your negative experience to address some of these issues we have within this particular group. Minder

I had to ask "sell" myself and ask them questions. I asked them what would be the focus for the first 30, 60, 90 days and the hiring manager answered, "survive!" Not a positive way to sell the position! I would not consider working for this manager or this Company. Run! Minder


Are you ready to stretch on weekend and Holidays

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If my work deadlines requires then Yes


I asked how many people would this position be supporting. Is there any travel involved.

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She could not answer the question.


tell me about a time when you...

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I explained about a situation with two older team members and a transgender situation. The Store Manager and District Manager made decisions on the situation without consulting HR for guidance. The result was that a heavily recruited transgender individual and a exceptional performing supervisor both ended up resigning due to their actions. I coached both managers on what actions they should have taken, why those actions were important and how having taken the proper steps could have saved at least one if not both team members. Turnover reduction is not only about recruiting properly but also about retaining the team members you have!!! Minder

Didi Chuxing

asked me personal and irrelevant questions, then went to 4 interviews with chinese leaders that went even worse

Reynolds American

Tell me about a project that you led from the initial idea to the execution stage.


What do you think will be your major contributions to the role as applied


Questions around former experiences, how we live HR topics in my current company and what I would like to contribute to fromAtoB.

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