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Er werd een HRIS Consultant gevraagd...11 juni 2012

Would you be comfortable doing the following: (insert entire job description here)?

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Bellsoft Offered 2 positions in same city.. Never followed through...

I believe they are work from home foreigners who spam job openings they know little about. They use MAGIC JACK and their corporate email does not answer. Minder

Superior Ambulance

Sell yourself to me. Why should I hire you?

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The way I see it, your reputation is tanking and you need personnel on board to keep you from sinking like the Titanic Minder

You have enough bargain basement staff riding around in your ambulances, you should set your sights higher and hire someone who wants to actually work. Minder

What was your former salary?

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After stating salary, interview rolled her eyes and stated we were not thinking of paying anywhere near that although my former salary was on the lower end of industry for this area. Minder

That sounds very familiar for that timeframe at APS.

FedEx Office

Why did you leave your last company?

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Company was down sizing

The company decided the egg came first and not the chicken


How do you approach resolving this issue within the HCM system What projects are you currently working on regarding optimizing? Have you worked in implemented benefits module

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My answers were thorough and complete giving detail on my experience with system implementation. Providing examples of general HCM related issues Minder

Jack Link's Beef Jerky

Describe your SAP experience

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I gave them a detailed response of my experience

anónimo (Mexico)

Experiencia , sueldo actual Y esperado

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No estaba interesada

Trojan Battery Company

Mostly about experience

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Directly and to the point

Cameron Craig Group

Run me through your resume.

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I'm sorry you had that experience but we have nothing to do with it. Mark Tappis is not and has never been employed by us. He is an affiliate recruiter at another recruiting firm. We shared your information with Mark thinking he could help you. Your beef is with him not us. Minder


latest news you heard today?

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about a laundering scam with eastwest bank

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