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anónimo (Mexico)
Er werd een HRIS Project Manager gevraagd...25 januari 2020

Experiencia , sueldo actual Y esperado

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No estaba interesada

Sound Physicians

Specific examples of similar work I had done in the past

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Gave specific examples of companies I had worked for where I had done pretty much everything they were asking for in the job description Minder

Sound Physicians

Why I was interested in working for the company

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Chance to use my combined knowledge and experience to work for a small company where I could make a real difference in helping them achieve their vision. (Had done previous research on company and asked recruiter a lot of questions before interview). Minder

Sound Physicians

What process I would follow to advise them in selecting an ERP vendor

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How did you answer this question? (Optional)


What is your experience with building a compensation structure from the ground up?


Pourquoi voulez-vous changer de métier ?


Job related questions and some basic IT related questions.


Asked me how I would be successful with out process, but couldnt provide related info on the job itself for consideration and response. Interview exchange felt very disconnected.

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