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Er werd een HTML5 Developer gevraagd...27 januari 2017

HTML5 Sementics, Basics of angularjs, custom directives, scopes etc.

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Just theoretically explain all. Gives some real time scenarios.

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Some Basic questions from frontend development and including JavaScript Css questions. If you mentioned additional skill they asking from that topic...

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In my experience, response quickly for every questions it’s better to move next level... Minder

Morgan Stanley

considering all UI components are same and inform the work flow..

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How could all UI components could be same..? Every UI has its own structure/CSS and JavaScript would be different. Minder


What are grouping elements?

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<div>div and span are the grouping elements</div>


Are you a full time or part time employee?

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I said " full-time"


Machine round

Next Education India

Design the paint tool program with oop concepts


In the second step question were related only to JavaScript. It was quite easy. For example looping and retrieving index from function (closure problem and a way to solve it, static closures or block scope in ES6)


How can you improve your home assignment?

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