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Er werd een HR Analyst gevraagd...27 mei 2018

Tell me more about yourself?

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I can spot site anywhere supervisor

Pekerja keras, disiplin, tidak mudah putus asa, mudah beradaptasi, mau belajat dengan hal yang baru, jujur, teliti, dan suka olahraga Minder

Good attitude with company employee store keeper and bosses also costomar diling for the company Minder

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¿If you were an object, which one would you want to be and which one you wouldn't be? Same question with an animal.

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I would be a piano, but I never want to be a toilet

Because it carry you anywhere, has the control of all its parts but obey o the owner Minder

A Car..

Al-Futtaim Group

Will you start working with us on same salary salary package as of your current?

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Yes why not


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you buy a racket and a tennis ball for 1,20Euro. and the racket cost 1/3 more than the ball. what is the cost of the racket...

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Sorry, 33,3% more*

Lets say cost of ball = x Then cost of racket = x + x/3 x + (x +x/3) = 1.2 7x/3 = 1.2 x = 0.53 (approx) = cost of =ball Cost of racket = 0.5 + 0.5/3 = 0.67 (approx) Minder

3+3+1=7 120/7=17…. 17*3=51{ball} so around 69{racket}


I was asked for my current company's EBITDA. Considering they are a private company, I felt ashamed I was even asked, considering I have no reason to provide it.

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I felt that if I said I could not provide it, I would have been dismissed right off the bat. I made up numbers that were ridiculous and unreasonable instead. Minder

I agree the asked me a lot of questions that were completely out of scope

Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority

My experience in the specific area that the job was responsible for.

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How long was the entire process?

From the multiple choice > to panel interview > receiving feedback?

Los Angeles Metro

How do you handle multiple tasks and responsibilities?

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Take care one at a time in a timely fashion

Who do you consider to be your clients?

Trinity Mirror

Q: If at 5pm on Friday you received a request from stakeholder for report etc how would you deal with this.

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Clarify requirements, timelines, ensure specifics and requirements are clear and understood by both sides. Act as appropriate to timescale given to you by stakeholder. If appropriate complete the task before leaving. Minder

Clarify with them what it was that was needed and Dependent on if the request could be dealt with straight away with any information that i had to hand . it would be dealt with before leaving if it was something that i did not have to hand . i would investigate what would be needed for me deal with this request straight away . Minder


Give an example of when you had a conflict with a manager. What was the scenario and how was it resolved?

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"M. Akram"- You did not answer the question; you had given an extended complicated definition of the fundamentals of management. My conflict with a manager was when I had identified a Hydrogen gas leak but was told by my manager that it was a nitrogen line. I personally verified it again to be a Hydrogen leak and had explained in detail how I am identifying it to my manager; I was then told that I was correct and it was indeed a hydrogen leak and we had it repaired over the weekend. Minder

To resolve any dispute between the manager and any of his subordinates needs someone who has a key role in the process, which is not an easy task. As it is his responsibility to reach agreement on the basic rules of discussions aimed at showing facts and reducing aggressive behavior. It must also monitor ways of expressing negative views during discussions and encourage the parties to identify problems, causes and motives for the purpose of reaching a mutually satisfactory solution. It is also the duty of this person not to be prejudiced by any party to the dispute. He should also adopt a personal consultation method so that he / she listens attentively and observes that one helps the parties to understand and identify the problem by asking questions about the subject of the dispute, identifying the views and allowing the parties to express them, , Helps the parties develop plans to implement and provide advice and assistance in case of request. It should also be noted that the dispute itself is associated with progress and change. What we should regret is our failure to use the dispute constructively. There is no doubt that a practical solution to problems and a constructive response to them will help resolve differences in a fair manner and open channels of discussion and cooperative behavior. (Differences can contribute to the general issue if they are resolved by integration rather than through control or settlement) Minder

L.A. Care Health Plan

Tell me about your experience in auditing?

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I have 9 years of experience in a hospital, doing quarterly audits to prep for annual Joint Commission audits. (They were actually looking for minor audits such as a list of managers who took Harassment Awareness training. Of course I have that experience but I guess I was thinking in a larger scale of an organizational audit). I just wasn't the right fit from the beginning. Minder

LA Care is notarious for churn and burning of employees. Don't feel bad. They would probably just hired, then fired you. Minder

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