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SBK Real Estate
Er werd een HR-Executive gevraagd...11 januari 2021

1st question by interviewer: Where are you from?

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I am from Pakistan


I can learn Malayalam language sir if you give me chance fo RF th as that .

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Brief about yourself in a unique way.

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Myself Dadapeer H A, Working as Math teacher, since 2009. Really its great experience working as Teacher. Minder

Hey ,Bhavana pandey here.Seeking an opportunity to serve as a teacher . Skilled in Classroom Management and Lesson Planning. Capable of building an open and interactive environment to help students express themselves in a better way. Proficient in a range of teaching styles and communication. Minder

An experienced Daycare teacher, Administrator, Educational Counsellor, and Yoga Instructor served various well known Universities as a Multitasker. Problem solving skills,as a trainer and counsellor, I'm highly appreciated wherever I ve worked with. Teaching Science, English, Marathi, Hindi, Maths for 5th to 9th grade upgraded my confidence and which was great help to the schools that I've worked with. Being yoga teacher I can heal so many health issues of people. I've already helped my family members and peers to come out of depression and stress. So many children in nearby areas got good experience in improving their concentrations and educational performances. As a Daycare Teacher, I am highly confident about my motherly touch with toddlers, preschoolers. Being microbiology professional high quality hygiene is primarily maintained while taken care of children. Manufacturing and expiry dates of medicines or first aid kits are very well versed by me. Kitchen hygiene and play area hygiene was supervised by me with high quality maintanance. Being creative in nature, classes seems to be attractive and highly impressive and comparable. As an experienced customer relations officer my relationship with parents are very strong and appreciable. It is the strengths of myself to have healthy relationship with parents so as to generate more leads. Minder

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Magna Infotech

What is your most difficicult phase in recruitment lifecycle?

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Joining no show means the interviewee have not showed any interest or what?

when a consultant is selected and he asked to join on date he refusses to do so their the problem occurs some times Minder

Joining No Show

Avion Technology

Where did you in Stay?

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I reside in Yerawada , Pune

i stay in bibvewadi

I stay in Bibvewadi Area, Pune

Jotun Paints

Why you not another candidate?

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I never see the post

I have good experience and sound knowledge of group fitness instructors and take all age group ladies and understand all age group women Minder

Why did you decline the offer?


will you kill your brother, if he is a dangerous people (terrorist)

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no...i love my family


I shall seek help from Genting Berhad to help prove that he isn't a terrorist. Ty... Minder

HR Remedy

Why you want to do a Job ?

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To stand on my own ! want to use my theoretical MBA knowledge in to corporate world . Minder

Banking and bancassurance sector


Radisson Hotel Group

Why you want to join Carlson Group?

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Because of name fame and to explore in the hotel industry

Answer: I would like to join the Carlson Group because I have got the four personality traits in me (openness, Conscientiousness, extroversion and agreeableness) also I like to see my customers satisfied after the sales is done which I think its co-related with the purpose of the Carlson Group and help me to gain new experience and improve my existing skills with the growth of the company Minder

Spark Minda

Labor Law,Statutory Compliance details?

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Labour law

Mug up all the sections and laws of LL

EVM Group

How many years would you stay with EVM group?

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Will stay for two years minimum.

As long as I can give best to the organisation

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