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Amazon Web Services
Er werd een Sr Manager-HR gevraagd...29 september 2022

Lots of cheesy competency questions, read their leadership principles. Very "me" and "I" focused culture, so if you are a person who gives credit to your team, you are in trouble, they hate when you say "we". Says a lot about them.


Inquired on experience and what I was looking for in next role, trying to identify “fit” for job and culture.

J. C. Penney

What is one difficult project and how did I go about strategy and then execution l. I then summarized results.


Why was I interested in the role. Explain a time I had to deal with a difficult situation with an employee.


Are you able to provide a presentation you have created if requested?

Universal Studios

Why do you want to work here?


Why Amazon And not other Company?

The Center for Reproductive Rights

What is your experience with competency based recruitment?

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Dopo aver fatto presente l'esistenza di una legge sulla privacy, mi sono rifiutata di proseguire il colloquio. Inqualificabili. Non oso pensare alla condizione degli impiegati. Minder


If I have managed a team of at least 20 people all working remotely?

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Unfortunately, I have not managed that many at a time.

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