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Er werd een Inbound Call Center Representative gevraagd...15 september 2017

Where do you see yourself in 5 years.

1 antwoorden

Climbing up a corporate ladder

Current USA

How fast can you type without making errors?

1 antwoorden

I did their typing test.

West Technology Group

all the questions where standard. nothing out of the norm, but there was a sales call roll play that was easy to pass.

1 antwoorden

I simply gave a rebuttal and close when the mock customer gave me a no.

Progressive Insurance

How did you hear about the job posting for Progressive?

1 antwoorden

Online search.

Progressive Insurance

describe when you felt overwhelmed at work and how did you overcame the situation and results?

1 antwoorden

Just take a 5 minute break to breath and remember how fortunate you are to be employed. Minder


Name your greatest Straight and your greatest Weakness.

1 antwoorden

My strengths is my rebuttals and not taking no for an answer , open minded for change and one weakness is excel Minder

National General Insurance

Why did I want this position

1 antwoorden

To advance my career with a larger company

Wyndham Destinations

Name a time when you and your supervisor or manager had a conflict. How did you handle it and what was the outcome?

1 antwoorden

I told him I have never had a conflict with my immediate supervisor nor manager, however with the VP of call center sales, I was not a happy man when they changed the comp plan to reflect a 50% cut and a 25% work increase. Minder


Tell me about your self.

1 antwoorden

I’m dependable to a fault and I feel I am or will be the best @ what ever I set my mind to Minder

Cognizant Technology Solutions

I can't recall it was...terrible. But they repeatedly asked about employee vs mgmt confrontation.

1 antwoorden

Never had such a problem. When the offer was made (if made I'm still not sure) the hr rep called me and left the wrong name on my voicemail a week later. So either the other person got my offer or I got her offer in error. A cluster mess. I decline going forward. The first interview in the open house, amazing that man should be the face of CTS HR Minder

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