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Frontline Education
Er werd een Information Security Officer gevraagd...30 januari 2020

How many years of formal CISO title do you have?

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More than enough to call out a lazy leader

I think nothing will change if all recruiters in the world are fired.

Finally, we hired somebody after 6 months. With COVID-19, we will fire him soon. Seems like a looser who will not survive Minder

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Wolters Kluwer

How do you do risk assessments

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What do you mean

Has similar experience, this role has been open for about 7 months now as of March. Minder


explain you background and your skills and take me through your profile in detail? experience in different industry domains and the challenging situations i have handled in the past and how i overcame those all difficulties, my experience in different industry domains and the challenging situations

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i have explained about my background and my skills for 15 minutes and detailed every aspect of my experience in different industry domains and the challenging situations i have handled in the past and how i overcame those all difficulties, Minder

Can u post more questions plz. Was it mostly Scenario based or CV based or job description based Minder


what do you know about the company and why do you want to work w/ us?

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Its one of the biggest names in the world and its known for its diversity.


How do you change a culture of insecurity?

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You have to impress upon people the urgency of protecting the information. I can't change the culture, culture change comes from executives. Minder

Most organizations can rationalize the basic need for security. Usually, if there is a cultural barrier it is because there has been high transactional cost in the past. If Security is seen as a barrier to staff doing their work, they will resist, and mightily. If you're trying to reset the culture, first ask about the experience of the staff and how they think about the workflow, the functionality of the IT system. With their feedback in mind, you can start to understand how to remove those blocks and develop influence over the culture. Minder

Weiser Security

Can you work night shifts.

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Yes, I prefer night shifts because I'm a night owl.

West Marine

Not "difficult", but "thorough". They understand the weaknesses of the job - the toughest question had to do with covering all the responsibilities of the job AND staying current.

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Honestly - I struggle. You have to create structured opportunities that are hard scheduled and calendared, even if it's reading time. You have to press your vendors to provide more context. You have to press auditors to find out which way the wind is blowing and pursue those lines of inquiry. Minder

TTTech Computertechnik

What can you bring to the workplace?

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I can bring positive personality, positive addons to the team, good wroking ability, diligence and profesionalism. Minder


What is the difference between encode, encrypt and hash ?

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To encode effectively means to convert the data into a format readable in an exchange between different systems. Hashing ensures the integrity of data and Encryption protects the data from being made accessible to unauthorised parties. Minder

Booz Allen Hamilton

How to re-image a computer?

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What are the steps in the C&A process?

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