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Booz Allen Hamilton
Er werd een Information Systems Security Officer gevraagd...9 april 2015

How to re-image a computer?

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What are the steps in the C&A process?

Raytheon Technologies

What technology have you used in the past?

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Iam a fresher


How I felt about Continuous monitoring and other security related questions.

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I laughed and said that it isn't where it needs to be yet. There is heavy dependency on automation. but, they need to have many people who know what to look for checking the results from the automated tools or they are useless. Continual Improvement is key to a successful security program Minder

Knowledge Consulting Group

The group interview contained some very difficult technical questions, but the toughest was about how I would establish a security-conscious culture where there was none.

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Through the use of stakeholder and employee partnerships effective collaboration and teamwork develops to assure a culture of security-consciousness develops and sustains. Additionally, an ISSO must demonstrate the ability to lead and influence their peers and staff not under their direct supervision; in addition the ISSO must have the experience and skills to develop and implement an underlying framework for security processes, roles, and responsibilities for their assigned Information System(s). Minder

Emagine IT

Why do you think you can be a good fit for the job?

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I am a good fit for this role because I have the skills and qualifications.

Emagine IT

Why do you think you are a good fit for this role?

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I have the skills and qualifications.


Please explain your technical background and specific skills you bring with you.

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I went into detail about all of my education and applications of my education and certifications in the field. Minder

Lockheed Martin

The normal behavioral questions asked in most interviews

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I was successful at answering the question

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