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RDI Diamonds
Er werd een Inside Sales Account Manager gevraagd...16 januari 2018

They didn't seem to ask questions.

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I understand I was under paid as well for too much work to do there.

On a paper they had me fill out desired salary so I low balled it and said 40,000 and for the rest of the interview they told me how I was going to make no where near 40,000 the first year. Minder

Southern Glazer's Wine & Spirits

What can you bring that unique to the team?

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Navigation not clear on site, negative "vote" was not intended and could not be corrected. Minder

I referenced my background in the bar industry and my customer service experience and my ability to forge relationships quickly because people trust me even over the phone. I have had this "talent" all of my life. I am just easy to relate to and I consider it a unique asset. Minder


Why F5 and why you?

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F5 reputation. No debt and a pile of cash in coffers.

If you could be an animal which would you be?

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I said I'd be a honey badger. They have the ability to deal with tough situations. They can be knocked down, but will get back up, & get back to business. Minder

Did they have you go for a drug test as part of the pre-employment?

MA Laboratories

Do you have an existing client base you can bring to MA LABS?

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Was honest and open, but they hear what they want to.

for how long they offer you the job?


At the question ''Why Softchoice'', they do not think ''I like computers'' to be a correct answer.

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When an employer asks this question, it is because they want to know if you did your homework about them. Talk about their culture and how it fits for you. If you're going to talk about computers, don't just say you like them, talk about your interest in the IT field, and how it is transformative and necessary to businesses. Softchoice's business isn't even really about computers, its about IT in general, Software, Cloud, hardware, data center, backup, professional services, security and support. Before the interview go through their website and find out about their offerings and say how you could bring value and knowledge to each of them. Even if you know nothing about it; how do you plan on learning about it to bring value to your client. In short, my answer would be: Because Softchoice offers a full solution to its clients, its not just about the sale; but about providing transformative customer service and being an adviser to the client. I like the fact that Softchoice puts a lot of effort into being a socially aware and responsible company. I also like how Softchoice puts the development of their employees as a priority and that they also understand the value of keeping their employees happy by allowing them to bring their dogs to work and having monthly celebrations. I think about all those things and I'm excited about the potential to be a part of and grow into a company like that. Minder

Best would be to talk about the corporate culture, the type of work, advancement, etc Minder


Do you have end to end experience?

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Yes, I do ...

Yes, I deal directly with customers


Very basic, your CV and what I knew about etc.

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We are sorry to here that your experience did not meet your expectations. We strive to positively engage with all applicants and aim to present a positive experience at our unique workspace. Minder

Spoke about my CV and relevant experience to that role , and all I knew about Teamwork. Minder

SHI International

What are your strengths and weaknesses that you bring to this position.

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I had another offer on the table at the time. It was for comparable money and more stable. I just wasn't sold on reselling products. Minder

Why did you turn down their offer? Too little money or other comp, got more money or equal money at a preferred alternative, something else? Minder

CA Technologies

Career history, personal SWOT, proposal for next 5 years

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with honest, pride and confidencce

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