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Er werd een Commercial Insurance Broker gevraagd...9 januari 2019

Why do you want to work in insurance?

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I said something to the effect of, “because I like to work in areas that I want to know more about. It’s a learning process I’ve developed for many things in my life.” Minder

PHP Agency

Do you like to make money?

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Yes but I I need more

State Farm

If a person came in to buy auto insurance, how would you make sure they also left with mortgage, renters, life or another type of package we have?

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I believe you would teach me that extensively.

Ideal Concepts

Lots of sales questions- asked to go through an entire sales process for health insurance.

Marsh McLennan

Are you comfortable providing presentations to an audience both being prepared and on the spot?

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I feel like when you are diligently working, you are always studying on the fly while doing your job. The only difference between the two is the amount of time to perform the presentation to your audience. Minder


"Would you describe yourself as a hungry sales person?"

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Hungry, thirsty and never satiated. Making a sale can only hold me off for so long that I constantly look for ways for the next deal. Minder

Symmetry Financial Group

Finally I was asked how much insurance I have outside of group insurance at work, to get me to join SFG and put coverage in place for me and my immediate family members.

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I said I have both group and personal insurance, with a reasonable premium since it's fully underwritten by one of their over 30 carriers. I was then told they offer mostly Simplified Issue insurance that by comparison is a lot more expensive. Minder

Family First Life Compassion Agency

Would you consider yourself hard working and self motivated?

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Yes, then I went on to talk about real life examples…

Healthcare Solutions Team

Are you licensed?

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Look at this photo. What are your thoughts?

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Essentially ‘Say what you see’ but from an insurance and risk perspective

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