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Er werd een Insurance Agent gevraagd...9 augustus 2012

they won't tell you that you will work for free the first two weeks and wont be officially hired until yo write for deals, that comes after you have commited and starting to work there. htese are all facts

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What's the turn over rate in the South Florida office? Don't worry you will probably get a less than accurste answer from the regional manager. Minder

I heard they have great reviews because they offer bonuses to the employees who post them. Cash bonuses, t shirts crape like that. But if you read the reviews the employees all state working there lead than a year. So some of this has to be crap or else why the high turnover rate. Minder

Its about time this stuff is exposed for what it is...

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American Income Life

Are you comfortable with entering people's homes and explaining/handling insurance policies?

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I’m comfortable but need to learn and willing to


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What do you want to do with your career?

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I would like to broaden the portfolio of products that I can offer to clients to include health, life, auto, homeowner, renter insurance and perhaps a few other products. Minder

Don't get pulled in by this company. You will not be making the income they indicate you will make. I was told I could make $500-1000 per month minimum with millions being the top possibility. After 3 months I've earned $0.00 and they're still demanding my time, but now they're asking me to pay them. Minder

I have been an Primerica Agent for Sometime 15 years and when your licenced it is your own business the training process is for people who want a career change my licences are mine and not Primerica just lets me hang them their to work in the industry and i have worked real hard to build to R.V.P. and it has to date the most awesome experience ever this business model is for real entrepreneurs not just hobbyist . Minder

e-TeleQuote Insurance

Tell me about your experience?

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I detailed some experience from previous employers.

Two remote campaigns . 1) Life Insurance with AON; and 2) Medicare with UHC. Past experience with outside sales: 1) Apria Health Care; and 2) AT&T Wireless B2B (corporate). Business ownership mortgage brokerage. Minder

Two remote campaigns . 1) Life Insurance with AON; and 2) Medicare with UHC. Past experience with outside sales: 1) Apria Health Care; and 2) AT&T Wireless B2B (corporate). Business ownership mortgage brokerage. Minder


Basic questions were asked by the HR, but critical questions were asked by the managers at the operation round, need to be cl earful while you giving the answers

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I answered the questions clear fully after listening what exactly they want to know and made the answer according to that. Please be alert while listening the question Minder

200 Park is amazing, only there are lazy Millenials who socialize all day, turn in late/poor work product and get promoted! Bosses look the other way while the Millenials run amuck at 200 Park. Minder

200 Park is amazing, only there are lazy Millenials who socialize all day, turn in late/poor work product and get promoted! Bosses look the other way while the Millenials run amuck at 200 Park. Minder

MJ Kelly

I was asked "What I could bring to the table?" before I really knew what the position entailed. I explain that I had experience at multiple insurance agencies - all of which they performed underwriting for - and I have experience at all stages of the insurance process.

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There were not really any hard questions or "trick questions." They just asked me expected questions, and I answered them truthfully. It just seemed straightforward and a refreshing change compared to employers that take weeks and string you along in the interview and/or hiring process. It's a pity that I was treated without respect after only 5 days and terminated along with 2 other underwriters placed by the same staffing agency. MJ Kelly just withdrew their contract with the staffing agency. I was given no reason. Minder

Owner fires people on a regular basis... including managers... turnover is frequent HO in MO is ok to work for... but stay away from Little Rock office Minder

I would totally stay away from MJ Kelly. Horrible bosses and only Springfield office is good! Minder

World Financial Group

Would you be willing to pay for all of your own licensing and recruit your own team?

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I climbed that ladder, had a team of over 40 people licensed and all. It's not a scam OFFICIALLY. However, they will eat up all your profits in bogus fee's and paying for their events and wealth bowls. Which I'm sure $ is being pocketed. In other words they are worthless, u are paying for an unknown and expensive brandname. They do not run commercials or do any marketing, So why pay? It's best to use them for the sales classes and go on your own. Learn how the business works but DO NOT HANG YOUR LICENSE THERE. You will make 60% more on your own for the SAME EXACT efforts. Don't bee fooled about the millionaire mambo jumbo. Next time you hear one of them blabbing off about how much $ they made. Ask to see last years tax returns. I bet they will run for the hills or tell you there was a lot of write offs. Remember you cannot write off more than 20%, so if the guy shows you a 45k income, even if u add the 20% its only like 50k. Thats chump change in the insurance world. My advice is go after a mortgage license or a series license. They are way better pay and less liabilities to deal with than insurance. FYI however they paint the picture in the end they are simply and INSURANCE BROKER and not a financil planning company, you need a series license to officially be a financial advisor. Hope this helps guys, WFG is great to pick up on hot and hungry chicks and good sales tips. Take it as a free educational meet and greet ;) Use them before they use you and your warm market. I can go on and on... Good luck Minder

I've been doing Wfg for some time now, I paid for my background and licensing fees. You do invest a lot of time and money, but it's a business, and those two elements are necessary to grow. You'll spend a lot of time working with different ppl, to the point where you can start to know different ppls personality. When it comes time for conventions, I really save up for them, since sometimes I end up paying for my team members. For new team members in my organization, they get a freebie of having their first convention for free but they pay for their own registration for the next ones and I emphasize the importance of conventions. Sometimes ppl need motivation, and as a leader you still have to keep pushing it to the team. For conventions, with WSB sometimes we go to nice locations so of course we have time to go see new places too. Super trips (even if you qualify or not) are optional, but it's the fun of being in a different country with your team. People can say that they don't know anyone or if they've been working in Wfg long enough that they've exhausted their warm market, but if you know only 100 ppl, do you think that you're only gonna know 100 ppl for the next 5, 10, 15 years? No. I'm sure you'll meet more ppl along the way, and those are the ones that you can prospect. And you never know, someone you meet along the way may be your major business partner. But beyond the trips, and the rewards, and the major commitment, you also help a lot of people become financially literate. You'll help ppl understand their life insurance, their investments, etc and if you're in it just to make money then I'll be honest, you won't last. It's a business, and in any business or job for that matter, if you want to last long, and if you want to create lasting income, you have to have passion for it. And passion for helping people with Wfg may or may not grow on you. It's a matter of testing the waters. But anyone that will begin a career with Wfg, I wish you all the best. It is a great opportunity, it just takes time. Just always be persistent and you'll get there. Hope this helps. And sorry I typed "ppl" a lot ... It saves time from typing out the actual word. Minder

I said yes....although it was a little strange that I would literally have to do everything. I didn't realize the company was an MLM type of business. Minder


How many hours do vehicles drive in NYC on a given day?

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70 hours of driving in

70 hours of driving in

Pulled some numbers out of my a**, and subtly tried to convey the irrelevant nature of his question without being rude and dismissive. Minder

BNY Mellon

What would you do if you won the lottery

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i will invest


Have to say it was a very weak interview. Met with the local manager, who obviously has very little experience interviewing. No questions were asked regarding my background and very little information given other than restating what was told to me by the telephone interview. The manager basically said that if they like me, they will call me to take the next step. I received an email from them declining to move forward and work with others that closely match the position. My background is 10 years in insurance sales in group/individual products as well as serving as an underwriting manager for individual products with a well known insurance company and very familiar with their products, can only assume they are looking for newly licensed agents or recent college graduates. Would be interested in knowing how many people get hired that are in their 30s+

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I am a recent hire in my early 30's. interviewed with a young and enthusiastic manager. Minder

I'm 31 years, insurance licensed, though not much experience in the industry. I've been invited for the third interview and I'm confident they'll hire me on should I do well during the pre-employment production phase. I know that they do want agents who are coachable and willing to learn the Asurea way of doing business, which area manager that interviewed me found that agents with years in the business are usually reluctant to change. Minder

They knew you were too smart fro their BS. No residuals and they keep your book of business. Train you to sell weak products so they can go in and replace them with ROP riders later on. Minder

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