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Beacon Health Options
Er werd een Intake Specialist gevraagd...3 november 2017

What is your past experience with talking to people over the phone.

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i am confident


Working to the best of my abilities

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Cook Children's Health Care System

How would you handle the following situation?: You spent time researching and found that an insurance claim is covered. However, the insurance representative is denying your claim.

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With this situation, I would research further into the specific insurance manual to find written evidence, from their perspective, to informatively defend my point. Minder

I would like to show despaled disecustion about the severt & magntud of problems by using differnt ways of ldea with peractical evidences past siuation documanted data or area Minder

Understand prloblems

Rockpoint Legal Funding

What's something you like about your current job?

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Downtime. It's an honest answer, but it's not a good one.

As a bookeeper take part in a team make sure of accuracy. There point blank!

Vision Source

Why do you want to work here?

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Because I’m looking for a place that I can grow and have fun while helping others at the same time. Minder

It sounds like a place that I can utilize my experiences and still grow. It also sounds like a family oriented and fun place to work. Minder

Morgan and Morgan

Tell me why you would be a good fit for this position?

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Based on your communication in this review, it is likely that you were not a good fit. Minder

I wowed them with my wealth of knowledge and professionalism!! its a standard easy question but your answer wont matter if your COLORED!... smh... Minder

LinCare (Brazil)

Have you ever worked as an intake coordinator before or have done this type of work in the past?

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Yes, I have worked in ER Admissions, Main Admissions, and Surgery Intake at the hospital. I have years of experience in most things that are required for me to perform the job duties for this position. Minder

As Program Director for Alpha House Adult Day Health Care Center I handled all intakes personally. Also, my experience there prepared me well for all requirements of this position. Minder

eviCore healthcare

What is your greatest strength?

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I don't remember

Listening to elders and understanding what their immediate and long-term needs are, in order to help them navigate a successful path to a better quality of life. Minder


What kind of salary was I looking for?

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I replied that I was hoping to earn a salary in the range of 38000 to 44000.

Did you have a state license in social work or related field or any certifications in substance abuse treatment like a CAP? Minder


Can you work over time

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Sundance Behavioral Healthcare

What would you do if you have a patient who does not seem to respond to reason?

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Always hear the patient out. Most folks just want to be heard. Discuss a possible solution or give patient more than one alternative. Allow them to feel as though they have some control and give them they're space. Minder

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