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Er werd een Intelligence Officer gevraagd...9 oktober 2020

What hobbies do you have?

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My hobbies are adventure, travel, liaison and targeted execution.

Victoria Police

3 key values that we should hire for this position? Tell me a time where you need to maintain confidential information?

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I used the STAR method but I think it is not relevant to the answer they are looking for. Minder

US Navy

Why do you want to come into the Navy and not one of the other services.

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I wanted to be able to be onboard ships and get a warm bed and hot meals every day when on deployment. Minder

US Army

Do you want to go to afghanistan

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They asked where I would like to see myself in a few years, what type of personality had with respect to the position I would come into, my experience level, comfort level and expectations.

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Without getting specific, I can say I answered everything honestly and asked a lot of questions. They were very honest and transparent about the entire process. The gentleman that I spoke to, the PM, has been great with his time and we’ve actually kept in touch over the last few months. Minder

The National Crime Agency

Questions unrelated to 'success profiles' - was given 3 technical criteria and 2 of the 3 points were questioned multiple times.

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I answered using the STAR method.

US Navy

What are your grades?

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The National Crime Agency

Leadership, Developing Self and Others, Supervising the researching, gathering, evaluating and structuring of intelligence, Substantial knowledge of relevant legislation and policy, Knowledge of data management.

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Example-based answers were crucial, answered following the STAR method.

Brisbane City Council

tell me a time U when priotised your work load to meet kpi's

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triaged work through out day and accessed and ordered jobs that need extra research from outside areas to get the process started them continued with simple task to complete 1st. Minder

Thames Valley Police

What do you think "intelligence" means in the context of this role?

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The ability to be proactive in crime fighting

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