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Er werd een International Sales Director gevraagd...14 januari 2022

Travel 20 days outside Delhi

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Only for first 6 months for induction

Rosetta Stone

Willing to take an unexpected aptitude test.

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I was asked to provide my approach for new job and submit in writing.

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I sent my priorities.

RouteMatch Software

Why are you interested in this position?

Salary discussions were no discussion. It was their offer or no deal. Sending out a signal that it was the company and your boss that was in 100% in charge, you where an expendable.

Esperienza e attitudini e portafoglio clienti


Tell me what about this job might be most difficult for you.


Erfolge, Niederlagen in bisheriger Karriere. Beispiele für Erreichtes.


Are you a visual person?


- Can you introduce yourself? - Why do you want to leave your current employment? - What contacts do you have that could help expand the business?

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