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Er werd een Inventory Administrator gevraagd...23 mei 2023

Do you have any dependables, such as children?

Catalent Pharma

Describe a time when you had to work with someone with different views than yourself.


Tell me about yourself. Tell me about your experience. SAP experienced?


What experience do you have for the role? What did you do at your previous job?

Pet Circle

Tell me about yourself. Explain the case study

SABRE (Missouri)

How do you ensure accuracy and completeness when counting inventory?

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"In my experience, the key to ensuring accuracy and completeness when counting inventory is to have a clear process in place and to follow it consistently. Before beginning the count, I would make sure to review the inventory list to get a sense of what items are included and how they are organized. Then, I would conduct the count methodically, moving through the items one by one and double-checking my work as I go. If I come across any discrepancies or unclear information, I would immediately bring it to the attention of my supervisor to ensure that it is resolved promptly. Additionally, I would be diligent in maintaining the confidentiality and security of the inventory information at all times. Finally, after completing the count, I would verify that the inventory list is accurate and up-to-date, and that any necessary adjustments have been made. Overall, my goal would be to ensure that the inventory count is completed with the highest degree of accuracy and completeness, so that the company can make informed decisions based on the inventory data." Minder

Alexander McQueen

Asked about work experience and and how I would fit in the role

Phibro Animal Health

What is my experience in hands on inventory planning?

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My most recent experience is in overseeing the planning activities, however, I did hands on planning early in my career. Minder

Tell me about a tough situation happened with your employee and how directly it impacted the business

WIS International

Do you feel comfortable with being able to fulfill the requirements of this position?

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