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Er werd een Inventory Specialist gevraagd...9 maart 2010

What was the hardest thing you ever had to do in your prior work experience?

9 antwoorden

Had to terminate a female employee who was badly injured from a fire. It had been proven via testimony to us that she covered herself with gasoline and lit it off to get even with a boyfriend, but she said it was due to an accidental kitchen fire. Fire Marshall report also verified she was not telling truth. Our policy said no coverage from 'self-inflicted' incidents and she had lied to us about the cause of the fire. As I told her she was being terminated, I was looking at a melted face, and compresses on each of her arms, and in a torso cast. This was three months post incident and investigation. You don't feel good after a day like that one! Minder

This is a comment. Steve... wow. THAT'S not hard... that's unreal.

The hardest thing I had to do is doing something for others

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O'Reilly Auto Parts

How good is your vision?

4 antwoorden

Very good

20/20 vision

Good with glasses for distance

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National Business Furniture

If you were at a party would you be more of the person standing in the corner or the person in the center of attention.

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There is no wrong answer, but the question is made to get you to discuss what kind of person you are. Many companies are very team driven. So if you say you are the center of attention, mention that you still like to get everyone's input and talk to everyone at the party. Minder

I would be the person in/at the center of attention and not just for all the attention but because I don't drink nor smoke but I do love to have fun and love to dance even if I dance alone. I like to make people feel comfortable and see that I am approachable and that I get along with everyone and not standoffish. Minder

I think it depends on what position you are applying for. What does the job require. Minder

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When are you available?

3 antwoorden

12 February 2020

12 feb 2020

14 February 2020

C&S Wholesale Grocers

Do you have any experience with counting physical inventory ?

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L-3 Wescam

The panelist are great with knowledge and great experience....the hiring process starts with phone interview and if you pass then the hiring manager wants to see you inperson and if you pass then the security clearance is the next

3 antwoorden

Immediately but you have to go through a long process of security checks on the control goods as required by the law. If you pass, you are safe but if you fail, you are done! Lol All the best! Minder

I answered very well....

How long after the interview with hiring manager did you hear from them?

Costco Wholesale

what is your reason to come to costco

3 antwoorden

That is a terrible thing to say you'll need a better reason then "laid off".

I recently retired from Kaiser Permanente of 30 years just looking for another job that I’m sure I would like at Costco to give me some more purpose in my life Minder

Laid off for last job

WIS Inventory Solutions

how is your accuracy when counting?

3 antwoorden

Very good

Very good

Very well

World Wide Technology

Have you worked in a warehouse environment before?

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Yes. I worked at Amazon Fulfillment Center.

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