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HD Supply
Er werd een Inventory Control Manager gevraagd...3 april 2009

What are your strengths and weaknesses?

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I tend to be rather abrupt if I am interrupted while deeply involved in a task. I know that this is an issue and that I could sometimes hurt a fellow employee's feelings if I came across the wrong way. I also could sound this way on the phone if a call interrupted me thoughts. I recognize this as an issue that I have and it is something that I am trying to overcome. Before answering a co-worker or the telephone if I am interrupted, I stop and make sure that when I begin the conversation the inflection and tone of my voice are friendly and accommodating. Minder

Research Electro-Optics

Describe your experience managing inventory in a manufacturing environment.

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From my resume you can see that I do not have manufacturing experience but I have many years of experience managing high volume inventory transactions and have no doubt that I can adapt to inventory control in a manufacturing environment. Minder

NuLeaf Las Vegas Dispensary

If I was willing and able to drive into Incline from Reno to report to work. I was asked this question at least 4 times throughout the process.

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NuLeaf Las Vegas Dispensary

If I was comfortable handling large amounts of cash each day.

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Yes, I have previous experience.


Why are you leaving your current employer?

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My investigation highlighted the recent growth BMC has experienced within the last three years. This, coupled with the expanding construction in Central and Northern California, suggests an opportunity for upward movement that I cannot anticipate with my current employer. I have constructed systems in my current position that I am no longer experiencing personal, or professional, growth and feel confident I can leave them with minimal negative impact on their operations. Minder

My most uncomfortable experience at work.

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I was a former corrections officer so there were uncomfortable moments that I would not share. Not being comfortable is a state of mind. Minder

HD Supply

If you were to be selected for the position, what strengths would you bring? (In essence, why should we hire you.)

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I don't like this question because, though I are playing up my strengths and downplaying my weaknesses, I don't want to sound conceited or overconfident. This can be a real turn-off to interviewers. I try to phrase my answers in a way that make it apparent that I am confident in my abilities, but I realize there will always be something else I need to learn or become proficient at to be a better employee. Minder

Anastasia Beverly Hills

They had no initial process to start a panel interview. All three looked at each other dumb founded.

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I broke the ice. Introduced myself, spoke on a high level on what I did in my previous roles. Minder


How would I handle conflict between employees?

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Find out why the company provides an atmosphere to create conflict instead of cohesion. Minder

Busy Beaver Building Centers

They asked what my salary expectations were.

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I stated that I researched what an Inventory Control Manager gets paid and he came back with, “What’s a realistic salary?” Minder

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