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Er werd een Inventory Controller gevraagd...5 december 2017

Have you worked in a warehouse environment before?

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Yes. I worked at Amazon Fulfillment Center.


What actions would you take if you found that you are actually carrying too much inventory?

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I would consider 1- Looking at demand patterns at other sites/regions and looking at moving inventory 2- Working with pricing team to offer discounts to drive demand 3 - Add it as a kit with another item and sell it 4 - Scrap it Minder

Firstly, I would evaluate whether there’s a seasonality. (e,g, Prior to black Friday, we may encounter decrease in demand because people don’t buy until it’s black Friday. If there’s no seasonality issues - Short-term solutions : From demand aspect Increase demand by 1. Bundling 2. Discount (coordination with Pricing / Marketing team) From supply aspect : a. For non-perishable products that have salvage value – Return to supplier b. For perishable products – Resell it to bakeries or scrap them Long-term solution : Adjust the demand forecast model (increase forecast accuracy) Adjust inventory model (decrease safety stock) Minder


What is your experience in the cannabis industry?

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Not much, but inventory and tracking of items, I do have experience with.

Yes I have 3 years green house experience with all types of activities transplant watering pruning etc Minder

I have been in the industry for 8 years managing operations in the front and back of house. Moving from bud tender to lead to product coordinator, I have seen the ins and outs of dispensary inter workings and love assisting in creating the most efficient processes. Minder


Too many sexist questions were asked

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I tried to keep cool

It is illegal for them to ask you personal questions regarding your children. You are protected by the EEOC regarding this. Minder

RTB House

What will make you smile every monday, when you go for a work?

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Company, which is really care about me and possibility to do my best for this company. Minder

Im anytime ok bos I'm feri

HD Supply

What are your strengths and weaknesses?

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I tend to be rather abrupt if I am interrupted while deeply involved in a task. I know that this is an issue and that I could sometimes hurt a fellow employee's feelings if I came across the wrong way. I also could sound this way on the phone if a call interrupted me thoughts. I recognize this as an issue that I have and it is something that I am trying to overcome. Before answering a co-worker or the telephone if I am interrupted, I stop and make sure that when I begin the conversation the inflection and tone of my voice are friendly and accommodating. Minder


What were the profit margins in my last operation? How many staff members did I manage? How many orders did I fulfill per day? Average packaging time per order?

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I previously worked for a jewelry company selling silver and gold to the European markets. I used my experience at this job to answer the questions. Minder

Hi with such bad BBB ratings is this company still in business? how are they Chic NYC located in florida? Minder

Lashley Tractor Sales

How comfortable do you feel doing contract reconciliation?

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Although it is new to me, I am a quick learner.

As a matter of fact I am training on this very thing next week.

Illinois Department of Transportation

What is your experience with managing inventory and what is your experience with IDOTs inventory database?

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I have never used this database and don't manage inventory in my current job.

Hello. You say the entire process took 3+ months. I hate to ask but where you notified that you were not selected for the position? I interviewed with them and after the interview they told me that I would be notified in writing (mail) either way. I've heard that before in the private sector and we all know what that means, but based on the fact that it's a government organization I would think they actually would follow through and mail some type of response. Thanks. Minder

I was asked "What's your management style", which I thing is a very poor interview question, and shows a lack of interviewing experience.

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I said, I am a "collaborative" manager. I keep my personnel as informed as possible and seek their input and ideas and also empower them to make educated decisions. Minder

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