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Yamaha Motor
Er werd een Inventory Planner gevraagd...26 februari 2020

What were some challenges I faced in my previous position?

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Tell them about myself outside of my professional achievements.

AmeriMark Interactive

Where do you see yourself in five years?

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They asked me a lot about my past experience and skill set with specific examples.

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I described multiple real instances on how I handled certain projects.


Generic behavioral with some questions about working in a start up environment

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It was meaningless. The hiring manager was totally elsewhere metnally.

J. C. Penney

What inspired you to pursue a career with JCPenney?

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JCP is an iconic retailer in the midst of transformation, which presents a potentially rewarding challenge. I have experience navigating these types of challenges. I also love the JCP shopping experience from a consumer standpoint and would appreciate their continued success. Minder


Tell me about your experience.

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I just explained what I have done in my previous job.

Canda Six Fortune Enterprise

How would you handle order cycle pattern?

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Based on lead time and demand management

Vital Choice

What does inventory planning mean to you? (something like that)

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I explained 'just in time' inventory planning when you maximize your turn times on product so you don't go out of stock on something, but you also don't store product for a long time. You are managing your resources in order to meet demand, but not overstock and get bogged down with the logistics of storage. Minder

True Value

How would you describe the word "assertiveness"?

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Having the ability to be direct and straightforward, but used in business I would also emphasize that forcefullness should be used in a positive manner rather than seeming pushy. Minder


What is your greatest weakness

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My greatest strengths

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