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Er werd een IT Analyst gevraagd...18 december 2015

Bluescreen error

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Face to face

If the ram is slow we get this bluescree error

Blue Screen Error mostly caused by hardware and software


Pourquoi travaillez-vous ici ?

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To reach Money :D

i also inspire to apple product and i think apple makes life much easier and i wai nt to being a part of apple becoz apple makes my imagination true and i have many ideas ... Minder

MRE Consulting

A customer has 1 server. It has multiple roles running on it, including Ad, DHCP, DNS, File, Print, SQL, etc... The server keeps failing and has all kinds of issues. The company has very little budget. How would you address this?

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In my opinion there is no right or wrong answer to this question. My opinion and answer was to scale the server up, if possible; and look into the most affordable cloud solution. Minder

When was the last technology refresh? Is the machine physical or virtual? If physical, what kind of backup client/process is taking place on the machine. If virtual, are snapshots being taken? It's also important to understand what is failing, is it a physical issue? Is the OS corrupted? What are the symptoms for the failure. Based on their response, you can provide solutions. Hope this helps. Minder

Virtualize and keep roles as separate as possible.

Pakistan Telecommunication

What is a Wan/ Lan.

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Wide area network/local area network

Wide area network/local area network

Wan(wide area network) mean which network to city to city.local area network used in organisations like a company,market Minder

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Shamrock Foods Company

Join function in SQL? How many types?

3 antwoorden

Equi Join, Non Equi Join, SelfJoin

inner, left outer, right outer, full outer

Three types: Left, right and full join

Asseco Group

Are you willing to stay in our company for later periods or were you planning on staying temporarily, for just a couple of months?

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I'm willing to stay as long as I earn some experience from this work and contribute to your company. I have the planned Master studies in Utrecht, Netherlands, though, so I plan to stop by internship a bit earlier so I can continue my further "upgrade". Minder

I am willing to stay as long. I want to long term planning to join company and settle in Belgrade. Minder

Im willing to stay for later period

Chambers and Partners

Why are you single?

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I'm afraid that's none of your business.

Hi there. Thanks for the review. May I ask you to give me the verbatim questions you were asked, please? Especially the personal ones that you didn't mention? Moreover, how hard were the tests and were they any numerical ones? Minder

Sorry - is this a dating agency? I thought I was here for a job interview. My mistake... Minder


Examples from past experiences / situations

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Was good

How Many Interviewers were there in your 2nd and 3rd round? Was that a video conferencing call? Also, which kind of questions were asked in Scenario based Structural round? Please explain in brief Minder

I have the question what kind of situational based question you got to answer in interview Minder

FDM Group

Bob can make a cigar from 5 used butts of old cigars. If he has 25 cigar butts, how many cigars can he smoke?

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6. Makes 5, smokes them, makes 1 more with the remainder.

Also, Bob definitely has cancer now


If I decide that you are not the right candidate after you leave here, what am I missing out on?

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A job is a relationship between the employer and the employee same as any relationship. When you make the right choice you know it... When you make the wrong choice you never forget the one that got away. Minder

Not only are you missing out on someone who has the ability to educate the customers and communicate very well with them, also missing out on a candidate who is very dependable Minder

I wanted to answer "obviously you woulnd't be missing out on anything because you picked the candidate you needed. Minder

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