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Er werd een IT Trainee gevraagd...8 augustus 2022

Oops, joins, structure, pointers, normalization.

Deep Industries

Tell me about yourself Why should we hire you Why you want to join us


Resume based. Project Experiences. Technical skill based. Soft skill based. HR questions.

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Calmly. Think before you answer.

Dell Technologies

Read storage area networks and parts of cloud computing


Why should we hire you?

Multitude (Finland)

Q: What types of database models have you worked with?

Intercontinental Exchange

Why do you want to work here?


standard questions. background, commute, etc.


Basic questions related to the role such as asking about previous experiences of day-to-day tasks, dealing with tough customers, what customer service means, where you see yourself in the company long term.

Opus Software

Fez parte de algum projeto de extensão na universidade? (Projeto de Extensão, Iniciação Científica, Grupo de Estudos).

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