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Er werd een Director, IT gevraagd...28 september 2022

Describe your experience working in a diverse environment.

Infoserve Technologies

Conocimientos, experiencia, estudios, horario, incorporación.

Teamworks (NC)

Basic phone screening questions about myself and why I'm looking. No technical questions as it was just a phone screen.

HCA Healthcare

How do you deal with pressure or stressful situations? technical question?

Stampede Solution

Basic questions and some database query questions


1. What are your Expectations from the Company? 2. What do you look forward in next 12 months ? 3. What are your Future Goals? 4. What is your purpose to join the firm?


why do you want to work for Merck?


Do you know cc++ programing?

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Trick question. There is no such thing as cc++ programing.

fala um pouco sobre voce ?

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