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Micromax Informatics
Er werd een IT Engineer gevraagd...2 oktober 2022

What is mern stack. explain


Please introduce yourself and record yourself answering the question.


Basic knolege about windows servers

Global Atlantic Financial Group

Tell me about a time where you worked with a team where your ideas differed. How did you go about it?

KMP Global

Describe your preferred backup lifecycle.

Le Guide Noir

Da quando saresti disponibile? Cosa studi e cosa vorresti fare? Parlami un po' di te


Can you speack about your hobbies ?

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Réponse en anglais pour tester le niveau

Arrow Electronics

What is the process of troubleshooting a network error


Questions about previous experience and projects A lot of behavioral


Quel est le déclic qui vous a donné envi de devenir techno informatique.

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