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Er werd een Junior Data Analyst gevraagd...27 augustus 2013

For a given array count combination of pairs of (x,y) whose sum is N.

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int[] list = {7,6,2,3,4,5}; int N=9; int count=0; for(int i=0;i

Three solutions I gave. 1. Sort the array in O(nlogn). Min and Max as two indices. Count=0 Loop if A[Min]+A[Max]N Decrement (Max) else Increment(Count) End 2. Using extra space and count sort if the minima and maxima of array sets are in a given range. Max absolute negative number subtracted to keep numbers in positive number space. Loop if Memory[N- A[i]- Min] Increment(Count) End 3. Create a Hashset/Hashtable. Look for N-A[i] and increment count if found. Loop if Get(N- A[i]) Increment (Count) else Push(A[i]) End Minder

the complexity of ur solution is not so good you can do better

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If a jar has X red balls and Y blue balls, what is the minimum number of draws that is necessary to ensure that you have one ball of each color?

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It is max, the first reply was correct. I you have 5 blue balls and 2 red balls : - If it was min : you take 3 balls, it is still possible to have picked 3 blue balls. - with max : you take 6 balls, the worst case is that you have picked 5 blue and 1 red balls. Minder

max(X, Y)+1

min(X,Y) + 1 is correct, not max()


¿En que año de la facultad estas cursando actualmente?

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Estoy cursando 4to año de ingeniería en sistemas.

Cuanto te ofrecian de sueldo neto aprox? El primer examen virtual que te piden hacer es solo de inglés? Minder


How would you query an SQL database with Tera of data?

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Not sure of the answer but would try to partition my query.

I would probably batch my data


A frog falls down a well of 50ft. Each day he climbs up 3 and each night falls down 2. How many days does it take him to get out?

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48 actually


Tata Consultancy Services

The details of your past projects

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My project is changing detection using Gray level ambiguity optimization. Before earthquake is position condition. And after earthquake is the same position damage of the particula of the situation and damage Minder

We can define of the damage position


Find out whether an array/string contains non-repeated characters.

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Two solutions I gave 1. Make a bucket of ASCII (256),/ Eng Alphabet(26)characters.Look for count of A[i] . If 1 return false else return true in the end Loop if (!Memory[A[i]]) ) Increment (Count) else return false End return true 2. Create a Hashset/Hashtable. Look for A[i] . If found return false else return true in the end Loop if ! Get(A[i]) Push (A[i]) else return false End return true Minder

the complxity of your solution will be O(n) runtime and O(n) memory you can do better Minder


If the coefficient of an independent variable in linear regression has an opposite sign than it should be, what might be the reason

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Introductory questions. Describing yourself. Your skills. Your past experiences. Presentation of a Case Study that was provided a few days before the interview.

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I answered honestly. I sounded genuine and friendly. Smiling all the time. Presented the Case Study and answered the questions that followed. Minder

Some aptitude questions

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answered them correctly

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