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Wunderman Thompson Commerce
Er werd een Junior Data Engineer gevraagd...26 september 2023

"What is the difference between ETL and ELT?"


Basic data science questions like "How did you split the data between testing and training", and "Methods to evaluate a classification model"


Do you have python experience?

Morrison Data Services

mostly related to experience and how I would handle a situation type of questions and some questions related to technical stuff like the software used

Pitangent Analytics and Technology Solutions

Questions were on ML, SQL and all my previous projects.


Tell us about yourself, what do you know about the job position, and what do you know about the company. And also a lot of technical data science questions, such as how will you approach this problem.. etc. The exercise what easy, 1 week what plenty of time to complete. 9 questions, that include visualizations and also estimating probabilities.


Regarding hard skills, there were inquiries about abstract concepts, mathematical problems, and Excel function-related questions. In terms of soft skills, I was asked about my responses in various situational scenarios.

Signature Business Solutions (South Africa)

What is your skill level?

Cognodata Consulting

¿Qué tecnologías son con las que te encuentras más cómodo trabajando?


Weshalb haben Sie sich für das Unternehmen entschieden. Sowie einige leichte Fragen, um meine Programmierkenntnisse oberflächlich zu testen.

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