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Why do you want to become a front-end developer?

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My interest in web development came from a personal interest rather than a professional or educational one. Therefore becoming a web developer feels to me as if I can do something I really like to do professionaly. Secondly I see it as an opportunity to be able to expand my knowledge in this field.

Fibonacci sequence algorithm

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They asked about my brand and design experience. They also were interested in my research projects

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Hoe lang ben je bereid te reizen?

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Waar zie jij je over 3 jaar?

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Is NSManagedObjectContext thread safe by default?

Assignment for Web Developer Candidates For a local racing event we would like you to create a website for the race results. The assignment is not meant to be difficult or to take too much time. We only want to see your approach to the problem, and how you think about website design and usability. The race results can be found in the attached JSON file. The JSON has one event, containing 2 races, and each race contains 5 athlete classifications with their split times. The users of the website should at least be able to: Select a race within the event. Show the athlete classifications for a race. Show the splits for a classification. We would like you to use Visual Studio to build the website, but the choice of language and/or frameworks is up to you. After you complete the assignment, please put all files that you consider relevant in a zip archive and send it to us. You will be supplied with an email address where you can send the archive to. We hope this assignment will be fun!

What does the life cycle of a UIViewController consist of?

What is the difference between a frame and bounds?

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