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Er werd een Junior Devops Engineer gevraagd...30 juni 2021

Oops concepts , About Project, Some aptitude questions

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I explained opps concepts with realtime example. I explained what I did in my project Minder

RTS Labs

Write a script, providing questions to a vague scenario, design a solution using cloud providers such as AWS, implementing a subset of my design using infrastructure as code.

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I did it through presentation, write script e using powershell, design a solution using AWS and using AWS Minder


General Linux stuff, some docker questions, kept asking me what he should ask me (?!)

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After 20 min or so( out of which he talked for 15 min) I told him it's the worst interview I had and I don't want to continue. Minder

They asked me to deliver a quite complex project on the tech interview and said they were pretty happy with what they received, but on the face to face interview I got questions like "tell me about the hardest day you had in your past" or "where do you see yourself in the next 3 years".

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I said I had a pretty bad day when one of the core switches failed, causing a major outage on the customer's side, and we had to make several conference calls with the ISP, the switch manufacturer and the cabling company and troubleshoot together comparing several logs, a pretty tedious proccess that took us more than a day to finish, until we discovered the issue was being caused by an environmental condition (thermal variance), not by the system itself. Minder


the task was to do SSH connection

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Hi, thank you for your feedback. If you think you couldn't connect because of technical problems on our side, we'll be glad if you contact us and try to take this exam one more time, if you wish. Minder

how do you describe yourself in one world

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What do you understand by DevOps? Explain the term "Infrastructure as Code" (IaC) as it relates to configuration management? what is the difference between Terraform and Ansible? Asked about some CI and CD questions(about 4)

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Answered most of the questions. It very lovely place to speed up learning and constantly working in a remote team environment. Nice place and Great team to work with. Minder


What are my expectations from this interview

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To find new opportunities to learn and improve my knowledge, to become the best professional in my area, I'm very excited to start a new challenge in my life with Jobsity Minder

Sparta Global

Why sparta

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Strong training, friendly environment.

Creative Force

Cmd vs entrypoint

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Cmd id command

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