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Er werd een Junior Machine Learning Engineer gevraagd...2 maart 2021

What is your favorite machine learning algorithm? Tell me about how to handle an imbalanced dataset?

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I was answered which algorithm basically stronger like KNN and something. There are some ways to handle like upper sampling and down sampling like that. Minder


Q: Introduce yourself a little bit.


First round was a non-technical but complete assessment of behavioural scenarios, including a few questions on the candidate's long-term professional ambitions, as well as inquisitions on your general knowledge on AI as well as on the company itself. Second round was a technical and knowledge-based interview on many scientific concepts, testing the candidates on both their understanding of classical ML algorithms as well as their knowledge on more recent developments. Your problem solving approach may also be tested through a live-coding challenge. Final round was a technical homework assignment to be completed in a week, and later presented to the team, followed by a Q&A to understand your approach and decisions.

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write code to rotate matrix using python o scala?

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Was macht für dich einen guten Arbeitgeber aus?


General python programming, probability and distributions (beta-binomial), plotting graphs, SQL queries, basic machine learning.

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Come ti sei appassionato all'informatica?


Q: Given this company, how do you believe ML could be applied to solve some issue?


Q: Have you ever missed a deadline? How do you manage your time not to miss a deadline?

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rotate a matrix by 90 degree

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