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Sensis Agency
Er werd een Junior Strategist gevraagd...13 augustus 2019

What are the most important qualities in a Strategist?

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You dodged a bullet. Hilariously inept excuse for an advertising agency.

Ah, so you did the math and calculated their offer turns out to be less than minimum wage? They are such a joke. Minder


What extra curricular activities are you involved with?

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I was out of school, so technically none. I told them my hobbies all though I thought the question was not even appropriately worded. Minder


The most difficult thing was not getting the job and hearing that the reason I didn't get it was because the decision makers felt my past experiences were too colorful, creative and worldly. So in turn they felt I wouldn't put my heart and joy into being a number counting media planner. My close connection let me know that it would have been better to spend my experiential and creative passions could have been held back a little more.

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Going for Media planning? Don't appear to be an overly creative savant. Be buttoned up and corporate. Minder


How would you handle a client that didn't pay on their renewal date?

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I'd call them and see what's up with what.

Gorilla 76

What's something you've read in the last few months?

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A combination of work-related and personal-enjoyment reading. (Professional/Individual) Minder

Charles & Keith

what are your plans for your career

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i would like to work in fashion, specifically more creative & production side Minder


What do your parent's do for a living? This was the only question that stuck out to me because of how ludicrous it was.

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So, not an answer to this question, but I'm pretty sure I was your first interviewer that day. Here's what happened. I wasn't originally scheduled to meet with you. They handed me your resume as a stall tactic. I hadn't had a chance to look at it before sitting down with you, so I had to keep looking at it and coming up with questions on the spot. I personally apologize for wasting your time. A few weeks later, I left the company of my own volition. Minder


How would you handle a difficult client?

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Idk, I think I read somewhere that the customer is always right. I'd make sure the team understood that the client is an a-hole but they keep the lights on. Then I'd work to make sure that we get the client something within the scope of the agreement that hopefully makes them happy. Minder


Could you forecast revenue from your book of business for us?

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Honestly, most places have a dude that does that exclusively. They're called a manager, but yeah. Why not. I'm sure I'll figure it out if you train me or give me a form to fill out. Minder


How do you define a leader

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Give me an example of a work that you did for a client that was challenging

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