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Er werd een Junior Technical Project Manager gevraagd...17 februari 2021

Why are you switching from the previous company?

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whether you have PMP or planning to take it ?

Time Inc.

Tell me about your Project Management experience?


How could you improve website performance times? Write a function to check a palindrome. How does DNS work? Create a wireframe for an e-commerce store How would you manage conflict with a client?


What general metrics do you use to determine if a project / sprint is progressing on track?

Jina AI

Are you familiar with Jina Framework? Did you visit our Github repositories? Are you familiar with Agile software development methodology?

FDM Group

Difference between a for loop and a while loop.


How do you handle a team member who isn’t productive?


Please prepare UML design diagrams for each of the following tasks per potential area you could join at Payever. (4 tasks)


Hauptsächlich am Lebenslauf orientiert. Dann noch Situationsfragen (Wie würdest du reagieren, wenn...). Lustigste Frage: Es ist Montagmorgen und du musst zur Arbeit. Wie ist deine Stimmung?

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