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Bharti Airtel
Er werd een Key Account Manager gevraagd...16 augustus 2017

Basic- tell us about yourself and what you bring to the table

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I was a customer care representative at Airtel malindi kenya for 2 years

I was a customer care representative in. Nairobi for two years

I started with my work experience which covers different sectors(hospitality,Communication, ICT, Telecommunication) Minder

Next Gen Publishing Limited

Would you do something unethical when its fetching your business

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I will try to research about the route cause of the things that are fetching our business. So that I do not have to use any unethical practices in my work. Minder


Tell me about yourself. What is pricing analysis. How you used it in your profile. Tell me your sales pitch.

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Hi Sarika, I was been interviewed by Sneha Gambhir.

Decided the amount of price which is match demands and supply

Dear Candidate, If this is really happened then we apologies for what you have gone thru but to make sure this shouldn't be repeated can you help us to understand interviewer name and also your name to make correction for future reference. Thanks, Fynd HR Team Minder

Generally questions are related to previous work experience.

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Be confident

Being honest is the key & trust is the password.

Being honest is the key and Trust is the password. Experience is the bonus. Confidence is the preference. Charm is engagement. First impressions, Almost done. Minder


Give me a 30-60-90 day plan

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For sales this is pretty typical, learn the territory needs, build a plan to attack, start attacking with feedback. Minder

Feel lucky that you weren't hired....most unorganized company....find a real place to work. Minder

Tetra Pak

i was ascked to plan production for 5 lines with different capacity and production plans in most effective way. Noize and haotic questions were aimed just to discover my stress-management ability

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Can you share what the question was about as an example? Thanks.

It was something like this: imagine, that installed base consists of 5 lines with different capacity: 1*5000 , 2*6000 and 2*7000 of 1 litre packs/hour. time between every product changes is 2 hour (for cleaning). every 6 hours you need to stop production on every line for cleaning. for the day (8 hour shift) you have production plan: 5 lots*5000 packs of different products for customer "1", 2*12000 for customer "2", 2*40000 for customer "3", 5*8000 packs for stock. Customer will pick up just wholly fulfilled order. Your task is to plan production on every line with minimum daily capacity waste. (I may be wrong with certain numbers - pls, just catch the principle what is more important). Right way was to plan production of small lots before big ones and big lots for customer before stock refilling. More over, mathematics has less weight then your stress resistance - examinators asked me different questions about my parents, car etc just to not allow me to focus on calcullation. Examiner just have to demonstarte ability to work in rough condition, under the press... Hope this will help you! Minder

Mine Safety Appliances

How much do you want to earn

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Market related and experience based salary

market related salary


Tell me a situation where you had to say no

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I named a project which I didn't want to take but took anyway

Hi! As an Amazon employee who interviewed and hired a lot of people here, I've created a guide that has all the questions and winning answers from an Amazonian recruiter perspective. Please check it out at . Pls also check the positive feedback at the bottom of that page! Thanks. Minder


Why you want to work for them? what are your plans?

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Good company to work for (totally incorrect), Market leaders

Are they a good company to work for

Red Bull

What is your biggest accomplishment

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Described all accomplishments and achievements

While working at Bostik India I was given a challenge to enter Tata Marcopolo Bus Manufacturing company. I did it in almost 14 months by doing extensive traveling and follow up strongly. I finally got an open purchase order and Bostik replaced Sika for that particular application. Later on Bostik became first adhesive company to participate in Technology day organised by Tata Marcopolo Minder

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