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Quest Diagnostics
Er werd een Lab Supervisor gevraagd...28 april 2016

If the employees are reluctant to use a technique recommended by the management, what would you do to persuade them?

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I would show them how to use it and how much easier their work would be by using new techniques. It also creates less human errors. Minder

I would say were probably in the same boat with the new gadgets being created these days and were both going to be working late hours on knowing what we’re dealing with for work purposes. If I’m properly trained on something new than I’ll understand but if it’s just thrown in my lap with no training than I’ll be their all day and night trying to figuring it out which would take a long while if my circumstances and all. Minder


Can I handle and troubleshoot analytical instruments?

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Yes. I explained them my years of experience in handling a lot of equipment. These included agilent gas chromatography and waters hplc. Minder

One should contact to corresponding vendor for troubleshooting analytical instruments after discussion with Senior. Minder

Basic Laboratory safe handling procedures and common instruments

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A safe way of lab handling is following the safty procedures and housekeeping, as well as MSDS informations Minder

Costco Wholesale

Will you be willing to leave your current job with no notice?

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I said yes, since I was in a "hire at will" state, and could not be penalized for quitting without notice. Minder

Loblaw Companies

What is your long term goals (in relations to the company).

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Basically they want to see if you want a career at superstore if you are a supervisor. If you don't, it's not that easy of a question. Minder

Quest Diagnostics

How are your problem solving skills. Please give an example when you had to use these skills.

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If I have time and enough of it than I could be good at problem solving but if it’s just given to me and told to do it in an ridiculous time frame than it’ll probably not be happening it done on that day like expected of me. Minder

QualTex Laboratories

They asked how I solved conflict.

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I gave some examples. However, this was a red flag as instead of a technical type interview, it dealt more with people. I sensed there could be some internal problems with personnel. Minder

Food Safety Net Services

Which is your favorite bacteria?

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Escherichia coli, my thesis subject.


Where do you see yourself in five and ten years?

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Definitely not here.


What would you say is your weakness?

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Something like, I get stressed when other people expect you to do their job.

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