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DHL Express
Er werd een Senior Manager Labor Relations gevraagd...18 februari 2018

One value you would add to the Labor team?

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Being able to collaborate with our internal and external customers to help drive positive employee engagement which is the #1 factor for labor relations Minder

I had worked for credit control dept in the capacity of credit control officer there I found difficult to ride mo bike in busy colombo 01-colombo15 with the cut time schdule.How ever my effort was successes when we became 1st place credit collection in the south asia region.Due to neglect of the top management I suffer in financial collepsed.where I moved out. Minder

Kaiser Permanente

How would you handle this crisis, that problematic development (absenteeism)?

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Gave examples of correct procedures to follow; gave examples of my response to similar circumstances. Minder

Johnson & Johnson Innovation

Why I was interested in this particular HR field

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I wanted explore other HR fields and the high level description of tasks was interesting Minder

Granite Construction

Describe your approach to LR.

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I applied, but never heard back from company.

Alaska Railroad

What is your approach to developing new processes.

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First observe task at hand. Then using simplicity apply a point A to B procedure. Be smart but keep simple. Thank you, Jarrell Pike Minder

Chicago Fire Department

Provide your experience with grievance procedures

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Written memo to front-line supervisor regarding employee contract.


Mostly focused on my background

General Motors (GM)

Tell me a time in which you had to deal with a complex situation

Alaska Railroad

What is your approach to developing new processes.

Sacramento Regional Transit

Describe a difficult negotiation, and how you resolved the issue.

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