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Chicago Transit Authority
Er werd een Law Clerk gevraagd...12 november 2013

What was the most challenging thing I had experienced during my first year at law school and how did I overcome it. I was also asked: What is your favorite law class? What can you tell us about yourself that we can't learn from your resume? Why do you want to work at CTA?

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Totally agree with this gentlemen about the dire circumstances everyone as a CTA employee finds himself or herself. It is definitely a political job. I myself have been applying to many positions at the garage level, since I work in one them. I have a collage degree in Aviation Admin. with a minor in Communications, have been employed with them for more then ten years. Every position I applied for was passed up, and someone with less seniority then my self was put in that position I qualified for. All for nothing since that person latter either was fired or resigned under the pressures imposed on him or her. Benefits have all but skyrocketed in out of pocket costs, apart from all the funding you have to endure from paychecks, to pay off the expenses of being covered, under PPO plans. There is no HMO any more. Firings for any little thing have become so prevalent the Authority had to slow down since they discovered had any employees left to run the transit system, daily rail or bus! I wouldn't work there even if I had to. Actively looking for another position, such as instructor, supervisor and even junior manager, since I have acquired much experience in anyone of these positions. That would be the only benefit I took away from working there, the vast experience gained over the ten plus years working at CTA. Oh and getting a free ride on the trains or buses. Minder

Besides, they don't pay their law clerks anything.

You DON"T want to work at CTA, unless you are very desperate for a job. If you are like most law students, you are probably rather young. Try to hold out for something better. The CTA does not respect lawyers, as evidenced by the fact that they would pay some political hack 2 or 3 times as much as they would pay you. In addition, said political hacks profess to be completely unaware of the ethical duties that lawyers have, and will attempt to have you violate them in the name of political expediency. Just say no. Minder

They asked if I planned to take more than 2 days off per month.

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Told them I do not.

Why do you want to work here?

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I'm passionate about immigration.

Brockton Hunter PA

What about criminal law interests you?

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The field is dynamic, fast paced, and makes a tangible difference in our clients' lives. Minder

How do you handle pressure

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I make lists of my job duties.

Brown Sims PC

What do you want to do in 20 years?

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Run for senator

Arnold & Porter

I did not expect the oral qualifying exam-like questions from the one associate.

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Know your field of expertise well. They are looking for people who possess great breadth and depth of knowledge in their technical field. Minder

Oliva, Saks, Garcia & Curiel

Previous Work Experience.

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Listed previous work experience that had been done.

What did I like most about Litigation?

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The competitive atmosphere and the way that that makes everyone try to be the best that they can be. Minder

American Civil Liberties Union

Explain a legal doctrine as if you were teaching it to us.

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Asked how you approach researching and your commitment to intersectionality.

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