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Fidelity Investments
Er werd een Lead Database Administrator gevraagd...17 november 2017

Completely on technical aspects you worked and what there is JD is

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The main technical question was on a topic which the interviewer knew I did not have much experience on. I have been telling them so from the very beginning.

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I repeated that I did not know enough to give an accurate response but I could give some possible suggestions. Minder

Genius Sports

Can you give me an example of what you are most proud of as a DBA

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They want answers that match with the job here, they are not interested in real examples. Minder


Virtual Memory Process/Fork Parent/Child Memory on Linux K8s Probing HR LongestPalindome

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Some of them


Work experience

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Total experience has been narrated and explained

Berry Global

Describe your work experiences.

Guardian Life

No technical questions were asked


what is your best strength


Technical Questions related Oracle Database and Oracle Applications


Normal project related questions. Basic concepts

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