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Er werd een Lead Development Representative gevraagd...27 juli 2017

Typical question, focus was more on your ability to role play

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I answered the questions as transparently as possibly


They asked all the standard questions, and they wanted to see me get through a mock sales call.

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All about why I wanted a new job, and how I work with potential clients. Be sure to demonstrate you know to look for, budget, need, authority, and timeline, in the mock phone call. And use the info they give to prep. Minder


Do you have any questions for us?

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By asking a question in regards to the position I was applying for.


What is one thing you look for in a company?

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Movement within the company, room for success, great work environment, hard-workers Minder


How do you see yourself, performing a set of agreed, repetitive tasks (ex. prospecting phone calls) on daily basis -would you find it rather boring?

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Prospecting is the most difficult, but most important part of Sales process and if consistent effort is made, the success in sales is almost guaranteed. I understand the importance of prospecting calls and would not find it boring at all Minder


its going to be role specific so for me it was many very detailed questions into my sales and prospecting exp. these are not the type of questions you can easily make up answers to, either you know and have the exp or you dont. they have been some of the most thorough interviewers ive ever had the pleasure of meeting. they all clearly know the ins and outs of sales. i was not expecting a VP of a company of over 10,000 people to not only be able to get down into the mintuia of day to day sdr activities but show clear understanding and sincere engagement

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gave my truth to the best of my ability to all questions/scenarios asked of me

Amazon Web Services

Tell me about yourself. Teach me something I may not know

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Give us an example of an instance when you showed initiative and leadership?

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Cited an example from my previous job


Why do I want to work for McAfee

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Industry Leader in IT Security


Why did you apply?

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Reached my potential at my previous job, looking to move on and become better.

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