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Er werd een Lead Enterprise Architect gevraagd...28 januari 2022

1 - Provide your salary history for your previous positions 2 - Provide references

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1 - I understand and respect their need to stick to an outdated process that has been banned in other states, but I will never provide salary history to any prospective employer 2 - I would have absolutely no problem providing references once an offer/negotiation phase was being seriously considered Minder


What is cloud? What is IaaS, PaaS, SaaS.

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My definition of cloud was not EXACTLY word for word like the NIST definition, hence it was rejected. Minder


What is your "WHY" to join Honeywell ?

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Brand name


Tough Hybris and Java questions.


Why do you want to work for Oracle?


Are you willing to relocate to Seattle, Washington?

Northwestern Mutual

None. Glassdoor wanted 5 words.

Lloyds Banking Group

Why do you want to join Lloyds


Do you require a visa to work in the United States?

Premera Blue Cross

They asked me about BizDesign experience and Achimate.

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