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Er werd een Lead Front-End Engineer gevraagd...29 maart 2022

A peer submits code EOD that is not up to standard, but you have a demo in the morning, how do you respond?

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I would explain that its still a work in progress but also explain what the code is trying to accomplish. Minder


They asked how I would cope in a role where I was doing less coding.

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I said that mentoring people and building them up was more important to me than putting on my headphones and blocking out the rest of the team. Minder


Questions were on experience and scenarios, but again, like a conversation and not a back and forth deal. It was like I was part of the team and we were hashing out ideas and a best path forward for various scenarios.

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I responded as if I were part of the team. And like a human.


Can you do more than one job?

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I sure can, but if I'm being over worked, no.


Asked me to code up a simple application in React using JSFiddle collaboration mode that keeps track of state.

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The collaboration mode broke the Babel engine in several ways and affected the application and ability to debug it. My interviewer was a backend coder with no familiarity in React. Overall I think it was a really unprofessional interview. Minder


Tell me about the worst and best front-ends you've worked on.

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Just have some examples in your pocket of good and bad work product.


Q: Given two arrays of integer values, write a function that merges them and sorts them in numeric order.

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I froze up, being caught off guard having my expectations not set correctly. It took me way too long to solve it, IMO. I do not expect to be called in for the next phase. In the interview, I ended up using Array.reduce and the spread operator to merge the arrays into the accumulator. The result of that was sorted with .sort(), passing a fat-arrow function as the parameter that returned a-b. Minder


Write a function that returns an array containing the first n values of the fibonacci sequence.

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