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Fifth Third
Er werd een Lead Customer Service Representative gevraagd...27 januari 2014

if I were stuck on an island and could only have 3 things what would they be.

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Book, Music,Pen

Food, water, and a phone so I could get off the island!


What previous experience do you have?

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Topgolf was my first job do i talked about volunteering at school and local charities Minder

I have worked with various service provider jobs to retail sales and ran a small scale sea food export business. Minder

Sunrise Senior Living

Why you want to do this type of work? No thought put into this at all.

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Most common answer is "like working with the elderly."


Si tuvieras que trabajar en desarrollar un bug o una nueva funcionalidad y tienes recursos (developers) para trabajar en una de las dos opciones, cuál eligirías?

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Dije que dependiendo el objetivo que tenga. Si por ejemplo el objetivo que tengo es sumar usuarios, la funcionalidad va a permitir que más gente se descargue la app y el bug no va a hacer que los usuarios dejen de usar la app (es decir que podemos convivir con él) entonces dejaría el fix del bug para después. Minder

Nunca eligiria desarrollar un bug, los bugs se corrijen. El software se desarrolla. Aunque hay gente que piensa "un bug hoy es un pan para mañana" jaja Minder

Perceptive Analytics

The only round conducted was the HR interview, where only 1 question was asked that why I changed jobs every year. The thing which freaked me out was that the HR termed my switches as mistakes.

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I was pretty clear with my answer that I wanted to build my career in Statistical Modelling, and want to settle down in a company which gives me such opportunities and a healthy environment to build my expertise in the same. In the next few hours, I got a reject mail. Minder

SandRidge Energy

What's your five year plan?

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I wanted to stay in Oklahoma and grow my career in oil and gas.


why did u left your last organisation

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Carrier growth

The Pantry

What is your greatest strength/weakness?

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Never admit to a weakness. Say something like your weakness is you are an over achiever, you can not stop until everything is done. Minder


What do you think that you might have a problem with doing (jobwise) if offered the position?

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Nothing because when you are in sales, you maintain the same techniques and basically the information you relay changes. Minder


Salary expectation

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The salary of the former Job

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