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Costco Wholesale
Er werd een Licensed Optician gevraagd...24 januari 2017

Aside from religious considerations, Costco requires open availability for any shift required in the department. Are you able to meet this requirement?

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Fraser Optical

Do you plan on staying around?

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Kaiser Permanente

Name a difficult time you had at work and how you dealt with it.

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Gave an example of an angry patient and how i got her to chill out. It flowed out well. Minder

Your Eyes Center

Can you help me save my business

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Absolutely, but my expertise isn't cheap


In one word, what makes you unique?

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The word is "listen". And I elaborated.

Sam's Club

When dealing with a busy work load and many things done how did you complete your work within your work day without going over.

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I delegated my work load.

Acuity Eye Group

If I can travel for the company is other location is busy?

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Depends the distance since I’m looking for a remote place.

Glance Eyewear

would i be amenable to working on weekends

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Are you interested in being long term here?

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Warby Parker

can you run me through your Resume

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you go through your interview

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