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Er werd een Linux Systems Engineer gevraagd...11 mei 2020

Subject were about automation, HA, performance investigation, Linux commands and how-would-you-approach-this-issue.

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It's very specific based on the scenario. Think global when preparing.

There's quite an extended back and forth in actual interviews for questions like this, so nothing quite like real practice. The Prepfully Adyen Linux Systems Engineer experts have actually worked in this role, so they're able to do an honest-to-God accurate mock, which really puts you through the paces. Minder


how do you find out the memory on X amount of Linux systems.

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computer suddenly powers off what do you do.


What I used for Linux auto deployment management

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Ansible/Tower, Chef, Puppet and my own scripts


What was the largest project you've worked on in your current position? What's your level of experience with VMware products? How would you manage users accounts with configuration management?

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I discussed a few important projects I had worked on in the past 3 months, and how they helped the business achieve goals. I discussed my experience with the many VMware products and my opinion of each. I discussed the common approach I've seen, how I would alter the standard approach and how I would integrate login across many operating systems. Minder


Q: How would you manage compute resources in a multiple cloud environment?

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Generic Configuration manager question, describe Ansible or Puppet.


Do you enjoy doing Linux Engineering?

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Yes, I very much enjoy fixing problems and building new virtual machines.


Standard Questions. Exactly one week after the last stage I was informed that they had decided not to fill the senior role I had interviewed for.

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A very disappointing process. I never at any stage, after being asked if there was any reason I would not accept the role, thought the job would just disappear! Shows a lack of understanding by a large and self-proclaimed "people first" corporation. Minder


What does chattr command do ?

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Change attributes of file

Rackspace Technology

What's the worst thing you eer broke and how did you cover it up?

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I gave them a story of formatting a shared LUN but assured them I covered it up in a way I'd never get caught. Then I laughed and admitted to coming clean to the boss. They respected me for coming clean and seemed to enjoy that I was loose enough to joke about the coverup. Minder


linux hard link and softlink and network vlan ,

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i passed the interview

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